Friday, June 26, 2009

Leather buying trip stop #3

The GPS directed me through the Cincinatti trafic flawlessly and told me I was at my destination in front of a construction site. I called Newman Leather... "You aren't really in Cincinnati like it says on your letterhead and on your web site? Oh a suburb.. different zip code and everything..hummm. Same street name though? I'll be there shortely".
Couldn't blame that on the GPS could I. Need to find a gas station real quick though. When I find one on the right, GPS tells me to turn left.
A half hr. later I pull in behind their warehouse. I haven't been in a place like this in years. Thousands of square feet of leather neatly stacked in numbered bins. Their sample swatches have the bin numbers on them...really well organized operation.
I find a nice brown and a black for handbags, load a few bundles into the van, write a check and I'm off for weaver leather.

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2leather said...

Hi Henry. I too do canvas work along with custom leather.I plan to attend weaver's auction next summer. Just went to Smucker's last auction.

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