Friday, June 26, 2009

Leather trip part 2

After the tannery it was off to Triple C leather. The GPS had me on some of the narrowest back roads. At one point I had to ford a creek, I was wondering if the pavement was going to turn to gravel road. It finally told me I had reached my destination in front of a dilapidated barn in a field. I could as well have been in N. Dakota from the way it looked. After trusting the GPS instead of keeping track of where I was I could have been there for all I knew. I had been driving for hours.
Well the name of the road was correct, the numbers on the broken down mail boxes were all wrong though. I decided I was at the wrong end of the road and headed off over hill and dale. Well what do you know, all of a sudden there was a place that looked like it wasn't abandoned. I had arrived at their warehouse. Unfortunately they only had about 50 picked over shoulders that I was looking for... the kind of thing I get when I when I phone in an order.
I left without buying anything and headed for Cincinnati.

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