Friday, June 1, 2007


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"Henry's Leather News"

This blog will eventually replace the Leather Goods Connection Yahoo group.

This format will allow placing images with the text, and will be available to everyone. In the meantime you can use the link above to read the group messages. I will probably move the tutorials here from: and Making Dawns custom handbag from:

Today I'm making a few belts, a couple wallets, the Equestrian handbag in a larger size, and the large equestrian bag with camouflage lining. Not many people have ordered that lining. I thought it would be more popular... kind of your own little secret inside, the way we had dragons embroidered inside our navy pea coats when we were in Japan.

Yesterday some wallets and a couple backpack samples came in from Impex. They are made in India and warehoused in TX. The backpacks only come in Black and are sold in units of 24 per style at a price of $55.00 each. The wallets cost $8.75 each and come is units of 300 with 200 black, 50 brown, and 50 tan. The backpacks actually look good and appear to be what you get when using better leather to start with. A cynic here suggested that those were made to be samples and they may not run that way all the time. The wallets have a lot of pockets and zipper compartment and are what you expect from an import. I'm not going to get involved with that stuff. I think I'll send the samples to Mark Mowen, it's more his kind of stuff.